martes, 26 de abril de 2016


   Last week, our 5º and 6º Primary schoolers had the amazing opportunity to take part in a language immersion camp in Rianxo. What´s special about this camp is that all the activities, games and interactions are in English. The students had the chance to interact with native instructors, meet other students from another school and also spend time in the great outdoors. 

1st DAY

   Our first day at the Week Camp, was very exciting. The students played a number of activities, everything from hide-and-seek, archery, baseball, scrabble and also enjoyed their free time.
   At night, they had a great time playing the famous game "Capture the flag".

2nd DAY

   During the second day, students made the most of their time by going to the beach, where they played different games on the sand. They also had the chance to ride a segway and they played an interesting game called "Countries and nations".

  That night, they had a great time at the disco where they sang, danced and also played limbo!

3rd DAY

   Our last day at the "Week Camp" was a busy one. Students played with letters to create words, made brooches, played rugby, among other activities.

   Before making our way back to Vigo, a group picture was taken in order to help us remember all the fun we had!

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