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British recipes by NJP 4th 5th

4th and 5th
They are going to record a home video making a recipe (paying attention only to their hands instead of their faces).

Option  A (4th): Penguin party snacks:
-18 large pitted black olives.
-18 small pitted black olives.
-1 carrot
-cream cheese

Cut one large pitted black olive from top to bottom. Insert a teaspoon of cream cheese into the black olive. Peel and slice the carrot into thick rounds. Cut into each round a small triangle, this will be the penguin´s beak. Then, set the penguin´s figure like in the picture.

Option B (4th): Apple race car snacks.
-4 apples
-16 green grapes
16 toothpicks

Cut each apple into four parts. Slice out the center of each apple (this is going to be the base). Put two toothpicks into each apple in order to create the car axles. Finally, cut the grapes in two, and place them on the toothpicks to become the wheels.

Option A (5th): Egg snowman
- large hard-boiled eggs
-small hard-boiled eggs

Peel off the eggs shell. Peel the carrot and cut it off. Slice the carrot in rounds. Cut off the top and bottom of the eggs. Build the snowman body with the eggs. Put the carrots on the top in order to have the hats. Place peppercorns (eyes and buttons) and a small piece of carrot for the nose. Use parsley for the arms.

Option B (5th): Berry fresh fish

Slice bread in half diagonally, place one half to make the fins of the fish and trim the other half to make the tail. Cut the top of the strawberries and slice them, arrange them to form the body of the fish. Use the blueberries to create the bubbles and the eye. Arrange raspberries under the fish and add some salad greens to represent underwater plants.

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