miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2016

British recipes by NJP

3 rd GRADE

They will be dressed up as cooks, which will be made in Arts and Crafts with rubbish bags and they will make their first English recipe.

 How to make Minions sandwiches:

White bread, 2 slices of cheese,1egg, 1 or 2 red cabbage leafs,2 black olives (for eyes), slice of onion (for teeth and plate decoration), butter, green salad and tomato for plate decoration.

 Spread a small amount of butter on one slice of bread. Put the cheese on the bread, cutting three edges off, and rounding off the fourth one. Lay the red cabbage across the piece of cheese, folding the ends between the cheese and bread. Place one or two egg slices (eyes) on the red cabbage. Next, place one or two olive slices on top of the egg(s). Cut a small half-circle for the mouth, adding a few small onion pieces on top for the teeth. Cut remaining cabbage into a small crown, and place on top of the Minion´s head. Garnish the plate with remaining lettuce and tomato. Enjoy.

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