jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

Things to do before your 12.

Wounds on the knees, muddy clothes and nettle stings were once everyday risks to children. But, nowadays, computers, video games and overprotective parents do not let younger ones venture beyond the gates of home.

In an effort to encourage children away from TV screens, the UK National Trust, National Heritage Comcel something British, brought together 12 things that a child should do before age 12 as climbing a tree, through a snowball or roll down a hill.

Fiona Reynolds, director of the National Trust, explained in the Daily Mail, that many adults remember when, as children, wandering without parental supervision throughout the day, something unthinkable for today's children.

The list of 12 things was picked by a panel of experts who selected the 12 from a list of 400 provided by the National Trust staff who were asked to cast the hand of their childhood memories that gave them their love of nature. Researchers have shown that it is important for children to begin to love nature before age 12.

In the top ten are 1. Climb a tree, 2. Roll down a large hill 3. Camping in the wild, 4. Build a moat, 5. Skim a stone 6. Run in the rain 7. Fly a kite, 8. Catch a fish with a net 9. Eat an apple picked from a tree 10. Play conquors. 11. Search for treasure on a beach 12. Bury someone in the sand.
Other things a child can do is to eat wild berries, visit an island, see a sunrise, get behind a waterfall, feeding a bird with his hands, hunting bugs, catch frogs, track animals, catch a crab, a walk at night in the field, plant something, watch it grow and eat it. Nor should we forget trying to light a fire without matches or find your way with a compass and a map.

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